DUNK Platform: Our Core Features

Greetings DUNK Community,

With the ever growing Luxury and Sneaker Resale market expecting to reach $6 Billion by 2025, we have been working hard to bring a platform that will revolutionalize the Sneaker and Luxury Resale Platform.

The DUNK Team is excited to finally share with the community the Core DUNK features. With the mission statement of “Fake Free, Easy Transaction for All”, DUNK aims to create a Decentralized and Transparent Resale platform for fans to share and enjoy Sneaker and Luxury items.

Core Features

  • A Trust-less Fashion Resale Platform by utilizing Decentralized Technology
  • Integration of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Technology to provide Transparent & Immutable Data
  • Collaboration with Key Strategic Partners to create a Fake-Zero Authentication Platform
  • Variety of Services including Dunk Staking, Lottery, Community, and Many More

Dunk Auction

DUNK Auction allows users to buy and sell resale fashion items — as a live stock trading platform -with NFTs on a limitless and borderless marketplace. Users can buy and trade NFTs without physically holding the goods.

DUNK Auction allows:

  • a Decentralized and Trust-less platform
  • a Bid/Sell Live Marketplace
  • a Transparent History on Item Information
  • Trading History, Records of Inspections

Dunk Staking

Staking on the DUNK platform provides numerous and limitless benefits. Staking allows users to obtain monetary benefits such as the chance to Earn High APY.

Staking DUNK also allows entry into different Tier Systems with every Tier Representing different exclusive access to DUNKs and many other rewards.

Dunk Authentication

As mentioned in our previous article, we have partnered up with key strategic partners, Out Of Stock (OOS) and FakeX’s Reliable and Professional Inspection Team, to create a robust and reliable Authentication Process.

To learn more about the details of this feature click here.

Dunk Lottery

Dunk Lottery provides a fun and lucrative opportunity for Users to gain access to the most limited and exclusive Sneakers, for only $1.

To enter into the Lottery Draw, users purchase an entry Ticket for $1 (worth of DUNK). The winner is selected randomly — the more tickets you buy the higher the chance of winning.

Dunk Community

Community is the pillar in the Sneaker and Fashion World — therefore we have dedicated our time to build not only a Resale Platform but a place for the community.

The DUNK Community is a fun and engaging social media platform for users to freely discuss about fashion, through posting photos, comments, and even video reviews.

The attractive part of the DUNK Community is that it provides a variety of services that other platforms do not and also has a DUNK Token Reward System for users according to their participation and popularity rates. So users can Earn while having fun!

As the DUNK Community aims to become the largest Fashion Resale community Globally, additional events and more satisfactory reward systems will be provided.

More Detailed Information about DUNK’s Core Features will be released over the following weeks, so stay tuned!

More about DUNK

DUNK is a Decentralized and Transparent Fashion Resale Platform — launching very soon.

With the mission statement of “Fake Free, Easy Transaction For All” DUNK aims to create a decentralized and transparent resale platform for fans to share and enjoy secondhand exclusive items.

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DUNK: Decentralized and Transparent Fashion Resale Platform

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DUNK: Decentralized and Transparent Fashion Resale Platform

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