NFTs have individual characteristics that distinguish them. There are three things that make NFTs different from ordinary cryptocurrencies: unique, rare, and indivisible. Non-replaceable tokens can represent almost anything in the real and virtual world. Items tokenised to NFT are easy to claim ownership, transferable, and safe. Hence, NFT provides a powerful solution to increase transaction volume while preventing counterfeiting.

DUNK NFT Station is a fully decentralized Peer-to-peer trading platform for secondhand fashion items.

DUNK NFT Station aims to become a trustful and safe platform by utilizing strong inspection service and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology. Unique fashion items tokenized into NFTs are not mutually interchangeable as individuals and represent unique ownership of the items. For example, users might tokenize the same brand or type of fashion item such as Nike Air Max 90 OFF-WHITE Black.

NFT technology allows users to check the item’s basic information such as the date of purchase, inspection result with professionals’ comments, photos, and the history of the item to make confident decisions without considering fake issues.

More about DUNK Exchange

DUNK is a Decentralized and Transparent Fashion Resale Platform — coming soon.

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DUNK: Decentralized and Transparent Fashion Resale Platform

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DUNK: Decentralized and Transparent Fashion Resale Platform

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