Introducing our Partners

DUNK Exchange is proud to announce our Strategic Partnership with Out of Stock and FakeX in providing a truly, Fake-Zero Authentication Platform.

DUNK is rooted in the first sneaker resale platform in Korea, Out of Stock (OOS). From the beginning, OOS understood the consumers’ needs for accurate inspection service for purchasing items at the value-added price. Working with FakeXan inspection and authentication service provider — shoppers on OOS have never traded fake sneakers.

How will they play a role in the Authentication Process?

With the combination of Out Of Stock (OOS) and FakeX’s Reliable and Professional Inspection Team, the partnerships will play a pivotal role in DUNK’s robust Authentication Process to Check, Inspect and Verify items.

Step 1.Thorough Inspection on Signs of Defect and Weariness on Product

Step 2. Strict Authentication Process through Verified Service Partner, Out of Stock

Step 3. Confirmation on Authenticity through External Experts, FakeX

Such characteristics will be further extended on DUNK with blockchain technologies of Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and Non- fungible Token (NFT).

More about our Strategic Partners

Out of Stock (OOS)

Out of Stock (OOS) is the first online resale platform launched in 2018 that introduced a professional authentication system for the secondhand sneaker market in Korea. Since the launch of the platform, OOS has achieved a ‘0% fake issue’ without a single counterfeit transaction. Also, OOS opened an offline resale shop in the Lotte department store in Korea. OOS provides a service for sneaker manias with the slogan of “trading the values of the world.” OOS has an inspection team that includes renown professionals in the market and expert inspection personnel from individual brands.



FakeX, launched in 2020, provides authentication services such as online inspection, offline inspection, status inspection, inspection history check, etc. To date, FakeX has achieved a total inspection volume of 130,000 items, with products of various brands such as Nike, YEEZY, Air Jordan, and Converse. Moreover, FakeX has signed an agreement with the Korea Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods, a corporation specialized in luxury fashion brand authentication in Korea. FakeX will also help DUNK to create non- replicable physical tag certificates.


More about DUNK

DUNK is a Decentralized and Transparent Fashion Resale Platform — launching very soon.

With the mission statement of “Fake Free, Easy Transaction For All” DUNK aims to create a decentralized and transparent resale platform for fans to share and enjoy secondhand exclusive items.

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DUNK: Decentralized and Transparent Fashion Resale Platform

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DUNK: Decentralized and Transparent Fashion Resale Platform

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